Gala M., 1/01/2020, Miami Beach , Florida

I came to Jenifer with some issues related to stress and my 2 year old son and I was so stressed out. In just 3 session from the info and the energy healing session and the feedback from the bio well, Jenifer showed me how to quickly shift my outlook and rewire my brain from anxiety to gratitude. I am on my way to getting a new job with new opportunities and I am really happy. A lot of my pain in my body has decreased and I have a whole new outlook on life. Jenifer has an amazing process. 

Janette R., 3/01/2019, Miami , Florida

Hi, Jenifer was really amazing. she was able to help me in less then an hr to re balance my energy. I came in to see the bio-well and it is unreal. We did the scan and in 5 minutes Jenifer was able to tell me what was going on in my body physically and emotionally. We talked about tips to help me mange my circadian rhythm everything and then did a session using the vibro acoustics. We then measured my energy again before I left and it showed how much more I was aligned after the treatment. 

Michael B. 3/04/2019, Miami Beach, Florida

My life is really stressful. I work over 12 hrs a day and I know that stress can cause disease. Jenifer came to my office and we did a scan and then it showed that my entire nervous system was really unbalanced and that I was extremely low with my whole energy system. Jenifer performed crystal healing along with vibro acustic healing. The treatment felt amazing and when I got back to work I was super focused and way less aggressive. 

Liana S., March 19, 2019- Miami, Florida

Jenifer is a godsend. I've been teaching her daughter voice lessons for about 5 years now, and I've seen Jenifer's practice grow into what is has become. This company is so much more than a business because it grew out of Jenifer's personal experience in recovering from a medical procedure gone wrong. Through learning how to heal herself, she learned how to help heal others. Her personal experiences have directly influenced her work and her compassion for people who are looking for alternative ways to heal. Jenifer has dived in headfirst and experienced the benefits of the services she offers firsthand! It is because of this that she is so passionate about sharing these methods with others. I was at her home giving her daughter a voice lesson, when Jenifer offered to give me a FREE energy reading (because that's the kind of person she is). When analyzing my results, she asked me if I had pain in my back. I explained to her that I ALWAYS have pain in my back. She explained that her reading suggested part of this was emotional. She proceeded to talk me through some very personal issues I'd been holding onto recently. I had not expected to have this kind of intimate moment with her, but she made it so easy to open up, and she gave me amazing advice. As if that wasn't enough, she told me that her physical therapist was on her way, and she offered to GIVE ME HER SESSION. Who does that?! I politely declined, but Jenifer insisted, saying that I needed it more than she did. So, I accepted. The session was incredible. I felt a release and relaxation I haven't felt in years. To top it all off, Jenifer gave me a second energy read after the physical therapy session, and guys--it showed that I was in 100% balance!! In fact, it was so specific, it showed all of the areas the physical therapist had worked on. I was SO impressed. To summarize, Jenifer's approach is holistic. She does whatever the client needs, even is that means recommending someone else to assist with a specific therapy. Her personal experiences have guided her to become a true believer and advocate for her work. Jenifer goes above and beyond to help her clients. Thank you Jenifer!!!