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The Quantum Electrodynamic Theory of coherent domains in water was proposed by Italian Scientists Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparatta, which basically states that if we have two oscillating particles with frequency v1 and v2 and there is an electromagnetic field with frequency v3 and all three frequencies (v1v2 and v3) have almost the same value, then there will be an attractive force between these two particles.

It was shown that coherent domains in water can consist of up to 5 million water molecules, which oscillates at the same frequency and can remain within the same state during months.  

Additionally, there are numerous scientific publications which report the following observations:

  • When you take a substance (such as a biologically active substance), dilute it many times in water, place it in an electromagnetic coil, and then apply the obtained signal to pure water, you will observe that the pure water may have the same biological effects as the initially dissolved substance. 

How can we explain this phenomena in terms of coherent domains?

Each substance may be characterized with its electromagnetic spectrum. When we dilute a substance in water, the water molecules become surrounded by a specific, weak electromagnetic field of that substance and the water molecules not only form coherent domains, but also mimic the electromagnetic spectrum of the diluted substance. Additionally, if the substance is further diluted with a new volume of water, then the new water molecules will also form coherent domains with the same spectrum. And so on with further dilutions. Therefore, after a certain number of dilutions when we don’t have anything but just water, the water may still exhibit the properties of the initially diluted substance.

Taking this one step further, if the water molecules could mimic the spectrum of the diluted substance, then we possibly can capture, record and store the electromagnetic signal from the water.

This is exactly what Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier and others did – they could register specific electromagnetic signals emitted by extremely high dilutions of some substances (particularly DNA) in water. Also they were able to demonstrate precisely that the recorded signals contained the information about the diluted DNA sequences. Get your Custom IC. Call for an online consult you will get a 30 day supply and consult.  

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