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Jenifer Caplan- Founder Bioenergy wellness miami



Bio-well Specialist, Energy Healer and Mitochondria Consultant

Founder of Bio Energy Wellness Jenifer, has lived in the Miami area for over 14 years She has has always been interested in the aspects of Energy Healing.  

After falling ill in 2018 from gadolinium contrast it was her sole intention to heal the body as there were no doctors treating this unfortunate poising.

After jumping down a worm hole and following Dr Jack Kruse, and learning about all the physical functions of the body she is now part of his tribe and is considered a Mitochondriac when it comes to understanding how the body utilizes energy and how light, water and magnatisim from the environment effects the human body. 

All aspects of being a Mitochondriac align with the energy healing movement and it was the last piece in the missing puzzle to heal her a a whole person.

With that basic understanding of the idea that everything is energy and energy is comprised of particles that form waves of information and that our bodies read and encode, she dove deep into the scientific aspects of energy and all the quantum physic is that surrounds it concerning the body and healing. She consults with clients to help them increase their Mitochondia with different techniques and along with the energy healing the body can be fully balanced.

She has learned the modalities  of healing which include Certified Reiki Practitioner, Sound and Vibration Healing and utilizes the latest in bio-electric devices and scalar energy to shift people quickly and she has been instrumental in  helping clients understand a new frequency healing products that helps to reinforce the energy healing work aptly  Bio-energy patches.

Bio energy patches are a great way to prolong the healing session as the person now can now take home with them the wearable frequencies that deliver information where its needed to maintain that balance that the body needs.

Efficient utilization of energy is the number one key to wellness. How we maintain that over our lifetime will determine our longevity.  Using the bio-well to help clients is extremely important to me. It is a way for me to be efficient and effective in communicating and helping clients understand how their energy is being utilized within their organs and their systems and how their systems are adapting to stress. 

I am extremely lucky to have been able to become a certified bio-well specialist as there are very few located in the United States of America. The bio well system has been used for over 20 years all over the world to help people visually see and understand the effects that stress can have on their bodies ability to balance and maintain proper energy. 

I am pleased to bring this bio-well system and this energy healing practice to you and hope that my knowledge and insight can help you achieve the well being and healing that we all deserve. 

Wishing all of you light and love

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